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DISCOVER AND RECOVERdiscover and recover lanzarote

For many the thought of a sun kissed beach , electric blue sky , and lazy days of strolling the palm tree promenade , or chilling by the pool with an ice-cooled drink , your imagination lost in your novel , or simply lying on the beach , hugged by the gentle sun , and body caressed by a sandy beach is paradise .

Unfortunately , for those suffering with eating distress , and for the family and loved ones of those suffering , a holiday can be a very daunting , lonely and frightening experience , and this is were I  would like to offer clients the opportunity  of having a HOLIDAY that they so deserve.

It was through my own personal journey of RECOVERY, and my experience of working and specialising in the field  of Eating Distress  and Eating disorders, that DISCOVER AND RECOVER was founded. Embracing and living  My freedom,  it became my passion  to  help and Support people through their journey , to share a message of HOPE ,  that RECOVERY CAN AND WILL HAPPEN , and   recovery is for everyone .

Lanzarote holds a very special place in my heart , and  I believe this Island , helped and enhanced my recovery . Existing In condition , and through my recovery , a  holiday , was a very difficult and challenging experience , both for myself and my loved ones , as a change of environment . climate , new surroundings , brought many challenges when travelling with Eating Distress , and I hope , that DISCOVER AND RECOVER , will offer you , family and friends  , the opportunity of having a Holiday that you so deserve , with support , whilst enhancing YOUR RECOVERY , and bringing you one step closer TO YOUR FREEDOM ,…………..

DISCOVER AND RECOVER offers clients two unique facilities.


This programme is designed to offer clients in the process of their Recovery, with friends or family, the opportunity of a HOLIDAY with the SUPPORT mechanism of an eating distress practioner close by, to offer support and help with the challenges of travelling with eating distress.


This programme is designed to offer clients in the process of their recovery, the opportunity to ENHANCE AND WORK, on their recovery whilst ENJOYING a sun and fun loving holiday.


Both these Programmes are offered to Clients globally, with frequent daily flights from all major airports .Lanzarote is a stepping stone on your unique JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY AND RECOVERY.

And in the beautiful words of Cesar Manrique “Lanzarote is like an unframed, unmounted work of art, and I hung it all to see”

DISCOVER not only the beauty that lies within you, but also the beauty that will embrace you.

Sharing hope and support to all

Yvonne Mc Bennett